A Letter To You

At Wisdom Cupcakes we love our customers. Everyone has that favorite place they always go whether it's the grocery store or the cleaners. You enjoy going there because every time you go they make you feel like they know you. You're excited to see each other and you talk like you're good friends when in reality you only know each other because of that place. Even if it's just a smile or a kind word, you look for that and it's enough to keep you coming back. Here at Wisdom Cupcakes we hope to become a part of your future for years to come. As the children grow up, as you get married, graduate, retire, or just celebrate yourself, we'd like our cupcakes to be a tradition and faithful part of your celebrations and events. Below you will find we've come up with a few simple guidelines to help take the stress off of that day and to ensure that everyone is treated fairly during the ordering process. Thank you for choosing our services.

Cupcakes and Laughter

-Wisdom Cupcakes    


How To Order

Our full menu is available for ordering Monday through Friday. Please note these items are not made in advance. Our products are made fresh per your order. For orders that are to be fulfilled the same week received, full payment is due at time of order. Large orders such as five dozen or more must be placed two weeks in advance with full payment due at that time.

Orders made in an advance of three weeks or more can be secured by paying a retainer fee equal to 50% of total price of order. Retainer fee is nonrefundable and due within 48 hours of confirmation of order details. Receipt of nonrefundable retainer fee is required to book your order. Your order will not be scheduled without payment of the retainer fee.

All sales are final. Remaining balance must be received two weeks prior to scheduled delivery date. No order will be made without receipt of full payment. Nonpayment is grounds for cancellation. By Wisdom Cupcakes discretion a 48 hour grace period may be given. After the allotted amount of time a notice of cancellation will be sent. Regardless of whether recipient acknowledges receipt of cancellation, order will be cancelled. No fees will be returned. By paying the retainer fee you are agreeing to be bound by these terms.


All orders or inquiries can be made either directly on this website by following the order now button below which takes you to our contact us page, by email: or over the phone: (409) 995-8587.